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Ubud: The Center of Culture in Bali

Ubud: The Center of Culture in Bali

Ubud has all what it takes to be the cultural capitol of Bali. With its population of over 30,000 people and location in the very center of the region it definitely stands out. From Ubud you can easily reach almost every point and place on Bali. The name itself for the Ubud is derived from the one sort of grass which can be found on the river’s shore of Campuhan river. This grass is well-known for its medicine and curing effects. It is worth mentioning that the traditional approaches in medicine are highly appreciated on Bali. It is no wonder than one particular curing vegetable is awarded with the honor to give its name to one city.

Once recognized and appreciated for the painters and other art workers who lived and worked in this region, Ubud is now the enriched by the top class luxury hotels. Additionally, the development of fabulous hotels was closely followed by the opening of the numerous high class restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops.

Once a quiet little town with dominant rural elements on its streets, Ubud is now a fully developed modern city which can provide all the features of urban life. On the other side, Ubud was able to preserve some of its genuine style and charm of previous times.

Today Ubud is the very center of painting, sculpture and carving types of arts. Some of the most famous names in art and culture from all over the world have found their inspiration on this intriguing place. We can mention some of the most well-known names among writers, painters and musician who created some of the best works of art in this very city. Musicians and painters Walter Spiess and Vicky Baum have considered Bali as their second home and the right place to be inspired for some of their most memorable works. One of the most famous Dutch painters Rudolf Bonnet spent more time in Bali than in his country of origin.

When it comes to the tourists attractions in Ubud we have to mention the Puri Saren Palace. In addition, The Blanko Renaissance Museum which honors the famous painter Don Antonio Blanko should be your next choice to visit. The youngest visitors of this city enjoy themselves in the so-called “The Monkey Forest”. This is the small and lovely area of the city where the monkeys move freely and interact with the people, especially children. These monkeys are considered to be the holly monkeys which are honored with the series of the temples. According to one of the legends these wonderful creatures are the direct descendants of the monkey king Hanoman who used to live among the trees. These monkeys are spoiled beyond the limits of the good taste. If they are not being offered by food and candies from the visitors, they can scream and pull the clothes of the visitors who had not been generous to them at the first moment.

Some of the most traditional festivals in Bali are actually held in Ubud. One of the most important places for the performances with the cultural background includes the famous Wayan Kulit theatre. This is one of the very reasons why the locals like to say for the Ubud, that in order to know better the Bali itself you first have to visit Ubud.