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5 Amazing Bali Shopping Trips Everyone Will Enjoy

5 Amazing Bali Shopping Trips Everyone Will Enjoy

Shopping is seen by some as a chore, for others it is a necessity, and for many, it is an absolute pleasure and the highlight of their week. Whilst this might all apply when at home, when shopping lovers are on holiday, their excitement and passion for shopping goes up to an even higher level.

This is certainly the case when someone visits Bali, for several reasons. First, there are simply thousands of potential shopping outlets ranging from large stores, small shops, market stalls and street sellers peddling their wares. There is also an abundance of different products that are for sale.

These products will include the essentials for when you are holidays such as cold drinks and food. Beyond this you have everything else such as souvenirs, fabrics, clothes, jewellery, art, handicrafts, and ornaments. Much of it will be sold by the very person who has made each item. Whatever you are shopping for in Bali, you will find it, and in terms of the specific shopping trips available to you, here are some who must try when you are visiting Bali.

Pasur Sindu Street Market In Sanur

If you want to buy some local food and ingredients and love the atmosphere created by night shopping, then the Pandur Sindu street market is the place to head for. As well as buying food, you and your party can sit down and enjoy a selection of local dishes when you visit this street market, and all of it is priced very reasonably. Local delicacies include lamb satay, nasi goreng, and bakwan.

Badung Market In Denpasar

You will find dozens of street markets in Bali, but none other can lay claim to being the biggest traditional market in Bali, except this one. The Badung Market in Denpasar is indeed the biggest market of its type in Bali, and it is also open longer than most, given that you can shop there 24 hours a day. It sells everything you could want including fruit and vegetables, textiles, souvenirs, and if you fancy buying some art, the Kumbasari Art Market is located adjacent to this one.

Mal Bali Galeria In Kuta

For those wanting to give their credit cards a hammering and have a day out shopping in larger, upmarket stores, a visit to the Mal Bali Galeria in Kuta is the solution. You have stores selling all the top brands, and once you have filled your shopping bags, you can relax with a nice meal or visit the cinema. If you want to stock up on cheap booze there is even a duty free shop which is for the exclusive use of tourists, provided you have your flight ticket and passport with you.

Pasar Kereneng Street Market In Denpasar City

With the Pasar Kereneng street market in Denpasar City, you effectively get two markets for the price of one. It consists of the night market and the Pasar Asoka market, and as a result, it is massive, with an estimated 1,000 different market vendors. In particular, this market is famous for the food that is sold there with a multitude of local and traditional dishes on the menu.

Garlic Lane Street Market In Kuta

Our final shopping trip suggestion provides a combination of shops and market stalls for those that want the best of both worlds. For anyone that loves to get the most value for their dollars, you have a great opportunity to do so here as many of the market traders, and indeed, some of the shop owners, will happily let you barter for a lower price.  All kinds of products are sold here including beachwear, sunglasses, clothes, DVDs, and handicrafts.