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Amazing Secret Getaways in Bali

Amazing Secret Getaways in Bali

If you have already visited places like Uluwatu, and you love to find hidden gems that most travellers to Bali never know are there, you are in for a treat. Having booked your accommodation from one of the beautiful Bali Villas you will be eager to get out and about to explore the secret getaways of this amazing island paradise.

Even the locals are not very familiar with some of them. That’s because they are mostly in isolated spots that are difficult to get to. But don’t let this stop you; simply take care on the path and use common sense to stay safe.

Here are some of those secret, hidden getaways: –

  • Angel’s Billabong at Nusa Penida. A large rock pool formed amongst rocky outcrops near the ocean, the ‘floor’ of Angel’s Billabong is so soft it feels like carpet underfoot. Go at low tide so there will be no ocean waves rushing in to drag you out to sea. You can get there by walking half a kilometre from Manta Point. The official address is Banjar Sumpang, Desa Bunga Mekar, Nusa Penida.
  • If you love jungles and waterfalls go to the Secret Gardens of Sambangan, found in the far northern village of Bali by the same name. The 3-hour trek is worthwhile because the amazing jungle scenery, waterfalls, rock pools and jungle stream are absolute gems and only the locals and a few other intrepid tourists have ever seen them. It is recommended to stay at nearby Lovina and have a guide take you through the jungle.

  • A true hidden gem is Atuh Beach at Nusa Penida. At low tide you’ll see exposed coral with colours in dramatic contrast to the stark rocks. Unusual rock and cliff formations of Labuan Ampuak rock island and surf worn cliffs of Juntil Cape complete the stunning picture of this beautiful hidden beach. You can catch a boat there from Sanur Beach.
  • Tegal Wangi Beach is a beach with a difference. It has rock formations that are like a large bowl or even a Jacuzzi that you can climb into and soak while fresh water pours in from the surging waves. Not completely hidden, it is still a romantic getaway to enjoy with your loved one.
  • Another unusual beach is Mystery Boulder Beach at Yeh Leh at the edge of Denpasar-Gilimanuk at Jembrana. Go at low tide to see all the rocks bathed in the rose glow from the sunset. You’ll also find many interesting marine creatures caught in the rock pools.
    There are many more hidden gems to see in Bali and they are well worth the effort of seeking them out. Even the Bunut Bolong Tree that you can drive through is worth a visit.