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Bali Tourism Numbers Continue To Rise

Bali Tourism Numbers Continue To Rise

In 2011 more than 2.7 million tourists arrived in Bali. In 2012, those numbers are expected to exceed 3 million, and in 2013, those numbers are expected to continue to climb. The stakeholders are extremely confident that they will be able to increase 2013’s visitors by at least 10% over 2012’s final numbers, even with a global economy that can only be described as gloomy.

Australian tourists continue to make up the largest market sector at nearly 30% of all foreign arrivals. China makes up around 9% and the Japanese tourist market has dropped to around 7% as result of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011 and an economic slump. Stakeholders are not concerned that there will be a drop in US and European tourists even with their gloomy economy.

Bali hosts major conferences, and is still an attractive location for those looking to host such conferences. In addition to a viable destination for business, good marketing by Bali has made it a highly desirable travel destination for weddings and other special occasions, honeymooners, families, and couples.

Besides Bali’s natural beauty, it offers the uniqueness of options. Whether you are looking for an urban experience with plenty of nightlife, a getaway off the beaten track where you can re-energize, a surfing vacation, or all of it – it’s there for the taking in Bali.

Renting a villa offers you a fantastic way to experience Bali. Enjoy your own spacious villa with all the amenities you will need and more. Enjoy a private swimming pool, beautiful views out to the ocean or overlooking well-manicured gardens, and your own private staff. Spa treatments in the privacy of your villa, and so much more. You’ll truly feel like royalty, yet it’s an affordable accommodation option.

As Bali tourism continues to grow it will continue to get busier and it’s great to have a nice place to relax at the end of a busy day that’s more than a hotel room.