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Tourists from around the world love Legian

Tourists from around the world love Legian

Tourists from around the world love Legian because while it is a small town it has beautiful beaches, great shopping, luxurious hotels and amazing restaurants.

Padma Beach which is in the lower part of Jalan Padma is the one beach in Legian that tourists love the most. The beaches in Legian are a big draw for tourists from everywhere in the world. Tourists love that the beaches in Legian do not have the big crowds like many of the other beaches do in Bali. One of the most popular thing for visitors to do in Legian is to see watch the gorgeous sunset over the sea. Padma Beach is a great place for couples and for families. There are many different types of watersports available and lots of vendors selling food, drinks and souvenirs. What Padma Beach is probably most well known for is the ice cold beer that vendors sell under their umbrellas on the beach.

Legian Villas

There are many beautiful and elegant Bali villas throughout the country and especially in Legian. There is a well known road in Legian that separates the hotels near the beach from the beach that is always popular with tourists. A popular party destination for tourists in Legian is the Double Six Beach because of the large number of places to dine and to drink. The most traveled road in this area is Jalan Legian road which is what people take in and out of this area. Legian is conveniently located about 20 minutes from the closest airport so a taxi ride to your Bali villa is relatively inexpensive. A lot of tourists choose to walk everywhere when they visit Legian but there is always the option to take a taxi or to rent a motorbike.

Tourists love the great shopping opportunities near the Bali villas. There is not a large shopping area but there are many retailers selling everything from clothing to souvenirs and other items in Legian.

Legian has amazing places to dine and drink and many of these places offer not only great food and drink but also a great view of the sun setting on the sea. The Bali Beach Shack, The Gosha Bar and Restaurant, The Island cafe, Zanzibar, the Jaya Pub and many others are always full of tourists having a great time and enjoying the beautiful scenery.